The Damage Attorney's Round Table members are exclusively plaintiff attorneys representing people who have been harmed or injured. Membership is by invitation only. Those who have been selected to be invited to join are attorneys with outstanding skill and ethics. To qualify members have to have demonstrated, by their verdicts and settlements, their ability and skill in representing plaintiff cases. Members must exhibit standards of ethics, honesty and integrity in addition to their skills as lawyers. The goal of each member is to represent their clients to the very best of their ability and to represent them with skill, dedication and determination. 

The purpose of the organization is primarily educational. The goal in creating this organization, when it was founded by Paul N. Luvera in 1983, was to have an organization which allowed outstanding plaintiff lawyers to share their experience and knowledge in order to improve their ability to represent their clients. The members believe that by mutually sharing information, ideas and experience they will be better able to represent their clients.

The Damage Attorney's Round Table